A collaborative work, featuring Shahriar Asdollah-zadeh, Maggie Buxton, Jon Bywater, James Charlton, Joe Hammond, Mark Henley, Tessa Laird, Kestin Stewart, Linda T, Raewyn Turner, Vaimaila Urale, Jim Vivieaere and Marcus Williams.

What Is Social Responsibility?
Through art what we examine is much larger than any singular political agenda, with the implication that social responsibility is based on access to truth and its different ‘tellings’ of the whole truth. We are asked to actively engage in art work that has the possibility to encourage conversation, raise awareness, activate participation and stir the spirit. This movement towards an inclusive, process-based art making practice creates a space for outwardly and generously giving to each other, listening to each other, and encouraging other perspectives. The more we see, hear and learn the more we can respect each other’s differences and embrace similarities. Could this shift mean we are entering a whole new paradigm for a socially relevant kind of art — one that celebrates and participates in the life-world around us?

This collaborative piece looks at how social projects can provide space for both idea and solution to help facilitate a structure for change. It also lends itself to notions of empowerment; through multiple narratives expressed as one voice. Multiple artists create one interaction, allowing for communication and recognition of the basic needs of our society.