as above so below // sky above, earth below // WAITAKARURU ARBORETUM // 2010

This works focuses on our subtle relationships with the environment, which allows the sound based nature of the work to resonate and reverberate around the lake and through the trees.  This helps to create a meditational space throughout the walk which stimulates the senses whilst relaxing the mind. With the hope to clearly contextualise the work in relation to Waitakaruru’s extraordinary surroundings, in a relatively open landscape with wide horizons, a situation that is rare in the much tighter confines of city spaces and galleries where art is usually found.

The 2010 ‘Summer’ exhibition was curated by highly-regarded curator Andrew Clifford, to reflect the exhibition’s relationship to its site and the world around. Clifford says that “producing public art is usually the exclusive domain of senior practitioners and is a difficult area for emerging artists to gain experience. So I’m hoping to introduce to the Sculpture Park a selection of younger artists who may not have had opportunities to work outdoors before.”

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