Tiffany Singhs work positions the arts as a vital contributor to health and well-being by ultilising a fine art framework. She does this by applying social practice methodology to develop creative frameworks that prioritise the sharing of artistic knowledge driven by education and wellbeing. Singh aims to sustain community and indigenous art forms, which transform women and youth into strong change-makers for sustainable poverty reduction. To mobilise the strength of small artisan communities and social resources for stronger socio-economic development at local levels. Exhibiting these works in a fine arts context allows for greater awareness at both national and international museum and gallery levels. This presents contemporary art as a medium for achieving new educational and well-being models. Applying sustainable and ongoing initiatives where both artist, institution and community can look at the positive social impact they can achieve through the arts to find unique and personal solutions driven by cathartic and therapeutic processes - Darwin Arts Festival


2019 // Creative Migration Bangkok 1899 // Bangkok, Thailand

2018 // Taipei Artist Village // Taipei, Taiwan

2017 // Wharepuke Gardens Residency // Healing Arts Resiency // Kerikeri, NZ

2015 // Santa Fe Institute Of The Arts  // Food Justice Residency // Sante Fe, USA

2014 // Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre // Kathmandu, Nepal

2014 // Brick Bay Summer Artist // Matakana, NZ

2013 // Colin McCahon Residency //Auckland, NZ

2013 // Lucas Artists Residency // Montalvo Arts Centre // California, USA

2012  // Sydney Biennale Artist in Residence // Sydney, Australia

2012  // Asia New Zealand Foundation Residency // NO#1 Shanthi Road // Bangalore, India

2011 // Creative New Zealand & National University of Samoa // Apia, Samoa

2011 // Auckland Print Studio, Lithography Suite // Auckland, NZ

2018 // Total Internal Reflection // Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand // Wellington, NZ

2017  // The Devi Temple // Wharepuke Sculpture Park // Kerikeri, NZ

2016  // The Healing Garden// Matter Hospital // Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Aus

2014 // The Bloom of Time Series // Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade // NZ

2014  // The Tree Which Moves Some To Tears Of Joy Is In The Eyes Of Others Only A Green Thing That Stands In The Way // Brick Bay Sculpture Park // Matakana, NZ

2018  // The New Zealand Best Design Awards // Gold Pin for Spatial Design

2017  // New Zealand Arts Foundation // New Generation Award

2013 // Human Rights Commission // Fly Me Up To Where You Are

2019  // Shortlist finalist for Oceania // The International Award for Public Art // China

2018  // 12th Annual Taewha Eco River Arts Festival // Ulsan, Korea

2012 // 18th Sydney Biennial // Sydney, Australia

2011  // Meditation, Mediation // Contemporary Asian Art Biennial // Taichung, Taiwan

Exhibition List // 2019

The Pink Period // Bangkok 1899 // Bangkok, Thailand

In Motion // Dunedin Public Art Gallery // Dunedin, NZ

The New Zealand Paint & Printmaking Awards // WSA Art // Waikato, NZ

Exhibition List // 2018

Composition of a Simple Universe / / Taewha 12th Eco-River Arts Festival // Ulsan, Korea

The Interconnectedness Of Everything // Taipei Artists Village // Taipei, Taiwan

Collective Voice // Centre Of Contemporary Art // Christchurch, NZ

Language Of Light // Art That Needs You // Tauranga Art Gallery // Tauranga, NZ

Tea // Auckland Arts Festival // Auckland, NZ

Total Internal Reflection //  Te Papa Museum of New Zealand // Wellington, NZ

Indras Bow // Te Papa Museum of New Zealand // Wellington, NZ

Collaboration Is The Future // Melanie Roger Gallery // Auckland NZ

Exhibition List // 2017

The Journey Of A Million Miles Begins With One Step - The Following Steps // Maritime Museum // Auckland, NZ

The Journey Of A Million Miles Begins With One Step // Headlands Sculpture On The Gulf // Waiheke Island, NZ

Exhibition List // 2016

Om Mani Padme Hum // Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, NZ

Indra’s Bow // MTG // Napier, NZ

Art 4 Food // Artweek, Auckland City Mission // Auckland, NZ

Navigate // 30 years of Tautai Trust Pacific Arts // Auckland, NZ

Visiting Asia // Hastings City Art Gallery // Hastings, NZ

Fly Me Up To Where You Are // New Zealand Arts Festival // Wellington, NZ

Exhibition List // 2015

Enshrine // Corbans Estate Art Centre // Auckland, NZ

Mahubhata //  Uxbridge Arts Centre // Auckland, NZ

Cycles Eco Mural // Santa Fe Food Justice Residency // Los Jardines // New Mexico, USA

Imagine Asia // Pataka Art & Museum // Wellington, NZ

Wave of Possibility // Melanie Roger Gallery // Auckland, NZ

Exhibition List // 2014

Life Is But A Vapour // Te Uru Art Gallery // Auckland, NZ

Maqula Al-Hala Wa Qaws Quzah; On The Rainbow & The Halo // Esplanade Theatres on the Bay // Singapore, Malaysia

Thus Shall Ye Think Of All This Fleeting World; A Star At Dawn, A Bubble In The Stream, A Flash of Lightening In A Summer Cloud, A Flickering lamp, A Phantom And A Dream // Siddhartha Art Gallery // Kathmandu, Nepal

We Are But Dust & Shadow //Melanie Roger Gallery // Auckland, NZ

A Mustard Field Of The Mind// Bartley & Company Art // Wellington, NZ

A Tree That Moves Some To Tears Of Joy Is To Others Just A Thing That Stands In The Way //  Brick Bay Sculpture Park //  Matakana, NZ

Fly Me Up To Where You Are - Wellington // Pataka Gallery, Wellington Arts Festival // Wellington, NZ

Exhibition List // 2013

Lucky // Carriage Works // Sydney Aus

Fly Me Up To Where You Are - Christchurch // Christchurch Arts Festival // Council Chambers, Christchurch, NZ

Bells Of Mindfulness  // Lucas Arts Residency // Montalvo, California, USA

Samsara // Melanie Roger Gallery //Auckland, NZ

Fly Me Up To Where You Are - Auckland // Auckland Arts Festival //Museum Grounds, Auckland NZ

Through The Veil I Gently Hear You Call // Art in The Dark // Auckland, NZ

Dont Miss All The Colours Of The Rainbow Looking For The Pot Of Gold // Queens Wharf, Auckland, NZ

May The Rainbow Always Touch Your Shoulder  // Auckland Art Gallery // Auckland, NZ

Exhibition List // 2012

Through The Veil I Gently Hear You Call // Art In The Dark // Western Park, Auckland, NZ

ArtDego // Artweek // Auckland, NZ

Little Lotus Project // New Zealand Portrait Gallery // Wellington, NZ

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge // No#1 Shanthi Road Residency // Bangalore, India

Knock On The Sky, Listen To The Sound // 12th Sydney Biennial, Curated By Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster // Pier 2/3, Cockatoo Island // Sydney, Aus

Drums Between The Bells // Next Wave Festival // Elm Tree, Melbourne, Aus

Never Follow In a Straight Line // Chinese Horoscope Show // Enjoy Public Art Gallery // Wellington, NZ

To Know Me Is To Love Me // Multiply Reinvigorated // Hastings City Art Gallery // Hastings, NZ

Seven Hues Of Harmony - Magic Tree // Splore Music & Art Festival // Tapapakanga Regional Park, NZ

Pre(Serve) // Hastings City Art Gallery // Hastings, NZ

Exhibition List // 2011

Itupapa Itulagi - Part Rock Part Heaven // Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

The Spaces In Between // Sky Above Earth Below // Hamilton Sculpture Park, Hamilton

Oil & Water // Auckland Print Studio Lithography Exhibition // Snow White Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Double Rainbow - Pre(Serve) // Southside Festival // Papakura Gallery, Auckland, NZ

New Zealand Artists Exhibition // Whitespace, Auckland, NZ

Media(t)ion // Contemporary Asian Art Biennial, Curated by Iris Huang // National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art // Taichung, Taiwan

All That We Are  // Coral Reef, Rehabilitation Academy // Apia, Samoa

Peace Garden, A Token Of Friendship // National University of Samoa // Apia, Samoa

Knock On The Sky, Listen To The Sound // Crystal City Contemporary Asian Artist Show // Dowse Contemporary Art Museum // Lower Hutt, NZ

Knock On The Sky, Listen To The Sound // Enjoy Public Art Gallery // Wellington, NZ

Auratica Fantastica // Window Gallery // Auckland, NZ

Einstein Was A Buddhist // Stealing the Senses // Govett Brewster Gallery // Taranaki, NZ