Composition Of A Simple Universe // Once a God The Myth of Future Refugees // the 12th taewha eco river arts festival // ulsan // korea // sound composition in collboration with Subash Thebe

Everything is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These five great elements can be considered as subtle matter states or energy; as matter and energy are interconnected states on the continuum of existence and are found as much within us, as around us. Born from the womb of nature and destined to return back to nature, we are weaved by the same five threads that intertwine and compose the rest of the universe. This macrocosm and microcosm relationship is deeply rooted in Mother Nature, as we are created from, exist in, and return to her. A fundamental tenet of the Ayurvedic system of medicine is the principle of similarity between this macrocosm and microcosm. In highlighting the agency between nature, wellbeing and our connection with universal energies. These contemporary table settings of everyday domestic objects and familar herbal medicines rest upon reconditioned kimchi bowls that serve as a futuristic altar to the 5 elements. Offering a small reflection our universal selves, as simple ceremonial and ritualistic gesture that continues the essential dialogue around our vital relationships with the natural world and each other.

Dar Cho. The term 'Dar' means to augment health, wealth, happiness, life and fortune and 'Cho' refers to living beings. These redesigned banner prayer flags are said to send out positive energy, with the aid of the wind which pervades the area, bringing happiness and well-being to all. Shamanistic bonpo priests used these flags in primary colours to heal people. These colourful flags signify the basic elements which form physical bodies and the environment, like water, earth, fire and air. Specifically organised flags on a patient's body were believe to harmonise the elements within his body and bring him back to a balanced, healthy state. The Bonpos made ritual offerings and strung the flags to balance the elements in the environment and keep the deities appeased; their way of coexisting with nature.

The soundscape takes cue from the idea of time; the times we are living, the times our ancestors lived and the times our future generation might live. The composition, is randomly arranged and plays back and forth in no particular order and at times merging in singularity accessing all different soundscapes from different times at a single point. The piece uses, field recordings from the mountain rivers, melting glacier, indigenous tunes, recordings from NASA with electronic sound and music .
- Subash Thebe, Composer