Melanie Roger Gallery  has been established since 2010, Gallery director Melanie Roger took over the long running Anna Bibby Gallery, renaming the space at the beginning of 2011.  She continued to work with artists such as Gavin Hurley, Sam Mitchell, Kristy Gorman and Stanley Palmer who had long term relationships with the Gallery.  As well, it was at this time that a number of artists that Melanie had worked with previously joined the Gallery including Richard Orjis, Liyen Chong and Ruth Cleland as well as new rising talents Kirstin Carlin, Matt Ellwood, Tessa Laird, Erica van Zon and Tiffany Singh.   As well, the Gallery works regularly with guest artists both emerging and established including Billy Apple, Peter Peryer, Patricia Piccinini, Peter Gouge and Emma Fitts on selected curatorial projects both within the space and externally at Art Fairs and pop up exhibitions.