Fly Me Up To Where You Are is hands-on conceptual art project that has taking place over 5 years and four Arts Festivals.  Auckland was the flagship project, commissioned by the Auckland Arts Festival in 2013. The artwork operates as an educational model around empowerment and sharing your voice in predominantly decile 1 schools which are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities. Since 2013 The project has been realised at the Christchurch Arts Festival, The Wellington Arts Festival with 12,000 flags coming together for the International Arts Festival in Wellington in 2015. Throughout this artist lead initiative there has been partnership collaborations with Film maker Robert George who has documented the social practice side of the project, which often leading to experimental film outcomes also.

The education kit provides framework for active learning by sharing and addressing personal and global concerns which are currently not a part of the New Zealand education curriculum. This process is aimed to ignite enthusiasm and responsibility in our younger generations for the wellbeing of themselves, their communities and world they have the potential to create. Thus far the project model has also been applied to refugee community groups in the Wellington area. The project was awarded by the Human Rights Commission in 2013 and has been applied to two Human Rights Youth Development Workshops.

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