MAIDEN MOTHER CRONe & EARTH AIR WATER // crystals, sewing needles, metal, water, flowers, candleS, INCENSE

Earth Air Water exists as an elemental representation of the inter-connectivity of all things. All five elements are represented within this work, however, water is the most predominant, as it is the most Yin and most feminine. Water, as the tide, has a deep association to the moon, pushing downward and inward, transmitting stillness and conserving energy. The work itself maps out collaborative processes, strategic partnerships and the “velvet triangles of empowerment” associated with feminist critical theory. This work was situated outside for the first month and the candles were lit as a daily ritual at dusk. With the organic materials from the domestic altar added each morning once the domestic altar had been replenished. After a one month cycle the artwork was recontextualised into a formal exhibition housed inside the gallery itself. The candles were no longer lit but left as a marker of time from the ritual of the previous month. The water bowls were replenished by the monsoon waters daily.

Maiden Mother Crone is a offering of moonstone and rose quartz towards the Yin energy harnesses and grounds the properties of the feminine: intuition, compassion and wisdom. This elemental work aligns with the moon’s cyclic phases, as it orbits the Earth replicating the inherent, natural life cycle.