Originating in New Zealand the Make A House A Home Project partnered with the Red Cross to create an art project in collaboration with the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, with the aim to ‘turn houses into homes for families’ through community donations and support. In bringing the project to Thailand, Singh teamed up with Na café to create artwork with children from refugee families. Exhibiting them at Bangkok 1899 in exchange for useful household goods. In all contexts the project operates as a defined system of exchange, which invites and encourages both people and objects to move in and out of gallery spaces to support the local community.

These systems of exchange align with the organisations specific to the community where the project is taking place – Therefore anchoring the interactions, conversations and wellbeing outcomes in the local community and facilitating a space for individual exchanges to become part of a much larger collective outcome.  Providing the opportunity to consider the new migrants and what it means to make a home in a new country.