Visually articulating the relationship between the garden and the table, artist Tiffany Singh and chef Ed Verner of Pasture restaurant in Parnell have collaborated to create artworks that translate the platform between plate and paper.  Tiffany has taken Ed’s found and foraged organic ingredients and using organic processes, such as the Japanese Hapa-zome (leaf beating) technique to make pigments, and created a series of artworks. This art making process will explore distilling the essence of food into colour and form, mirroring the creative practices that Ed uses to design the menu. Looking at how unique artworks can be created when chefs and artists collaborate. It also aims to put a new spin on food ethics and sustainability by using art to clearly show the relationship between what we grow and eat. The pair say It's about paying attention to the things that are often overlooked - like wood sorrel - and the natural beauty that surrounds us and what it can provide in terms of sustainability and wellbeing. That type of knowledge was historically so well-known, but now there's been such a change in the way we live and eat - everything is packaged and processed - so that traditional knowledge has been lost.

Pasture's seasonal menus are inspired by the colours and textures of nature and ingredients for its distinctive dishes are hunted, gathered, fermented, pickled and preserved using traditional techniques. Singh, has taken the found and foraged ingredients to make pigments used in a series of artworks. The works will be created in Pasture so that Tiffany can work alongside the open kitchen. They will be on show during Artweek in Pasture, creating an exhibition of permaculture ethics and principles. Tiffany and Ed gave an artist talk at Parnell Gallery. Where they spoke about their collaboration of food and art, with Ed’s vision of seasonal menus and fresh local ingredients and Tiffany’s special creation of a series of paintings using Pasture elements.