The Pink Period by artist Tiffany Singh (b. 1978) explores the narrative of Women’s Liberation through objects of the domestic. This exhibition is a platform to reconstruct identity and gender by challenging what society accepts as women’s art. As a Social Practice inquiry, this new suite of work examines how societal expectations, family obligations and existing as a minority within the art world’s power structure influences how women artists create.

This collaborative process maps out factors that affect women’s participation in various artistic disciplines, facilitating them to be seen and heard, thus building alliances between countries and communities to provide sustainable opportunities for women. The Pink Period is a commitment to further gender equality and women’s empowerment. By repositioning practices such as craft into a contemporary, conceptual art context, so-called “women’s work” is elevated in the global and historical model. Art begins to speak to audiences, providing outreach and value to women’s art practices.

This concept was developed through the collaborative Women’s Art Project Asia during Singh’s residency at Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan). For The Pink Period, she invited Taiwanese artist Jui-Pin Chang to build upon their existing research. Together, they have delved further into facilitating well-being, an enhanced sense of self-efficacy and economic gains for women artists. The Pink Period signals the Grand Opening of Bangkok 1899. During her three-month residency, Singh’s multidisciplinary approach has transformed this space into an immersive Social Practice Hub. Looking after her two young children while simultaneously building this exhibition, she exemplifies a new contemporary art paradigm to enable women artists, who are also mothers, to live and work in a supportive residency environment - Curator Susannah Tantemsapya