JOURNEY Of A Million Miles // panel discussion // education resource

Hear the stories of arrival to Aotearoa. This event shared the experience of newcomers to Aotearoa whilst providing  a platform for Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC) voices to be heard. Created to support the installation A Journey of a Million Miles - Following Steps, inspired by real-life migration experiences to New Zealand to communicate a variety of migration experiences that reflect the joy, heartache and confusion of moving to a new land.

Listen to the panel discussion to delve into the stories that unpack the conversations around resettling in Aotearoa.

The panel was facilitated by Lynn Freeman, producer and presenter of Standing Room Only and The Weekend at RadioNZ. The panel included Singh, general manager of the ARCC, Abann Yor, and journalist, actor and playwright, Victor Rodger. Complete with a reading from Beyond Refuge will be performed by New Zealand entertainer, singer and comedian, Jackie Clarke.