SFAI’s international Artists and Writers Residency Program continues to grow and expand to serve the needs of artists and foster invaluable relationships with artists and organisations in the local communities and beyond in the support of innovative thinking and creative risk taking. SFAI implements yearlong thematic programming that address pertinent questions facing diverse regional and global communities. By hosting residencies for creative practitioners, fostering partnerships with cultural and educational organisations, and integrating social entrepreneurial and education initiatives, SFAI aspires to transform Santa Fe into a hub for positive social change that reflects the greatest needs of our times.

Food Justice was the inaugural theme From July 2014 through June 2015. SFAI encouraged creative minds to come together and examine the territory of food justice.  Together, we will ask how can we use diverse creative practices to confront inherent social, cultural and economic problems in our food system?  Further, how can we bring together insights from creative fields, environmental sciences, sustainable agriculture, critical theory, and food studies to have local, national, and international impact?

The competitive selection process for residencies at SFAI is primarily based on the applicant’s ability to creatively and critically engage with the theme of the residency season for which they are applying. The selection focuses on the professional experience of the artist, the quality of their past work, and their potential to sustain productive residency at SFAI. The selection committee is comprised of successful artists, gallery owners, art instructors, writers, and other creative professionals from Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. SFAI supports more than 60 residents per year and offers a cohesive, theme-focused creative environment and supportive working conditions.