Shadows Of The Awakened suite provides a contemporary lens on sacred Tibetan images. Made in collaboration with thanka painter Ella Brewer. The collaboration sees the diverse English, Maori, Samoan and Indian heritage of the artists influence traditional forms creating a modern interpretation of sacred images from the East. The works are a synthesis of a Buddhist lineage gifted to Ella Brewer by thanka master Andy Weber, and Traditional Japanese flower pressing gifted to contemporary artist Tiffany Singh by natural dye sensai Deb Donnelly.

The magical combination of these two lineages, one precise and full of detailed symbolism. The other organic, natural and free flowing is the artist's interpretation of Buddhist art from the Tibetan tradition for contemporary audiences. These works are created as meditation aids to help manifest the Buddha attributes in devotion to the forms. Each work is unique & created through the purest and most organic materials.

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