TALKING BOX & THE DOMESTIC ALTAR // LOCAL PRESSED METAL, ORGANIC OFFERINGS, wooden plinth, wooden box, speaker, sewing materials, audio from interviews with Margaret Chui, Peng Yiping & Xiaohuahua

This work explores women’s relationship to objects of the domestic by providing a narrative around the history, identity and technical skills related to producing so-called “women’s work.” The audience was invited to lift the lid of the box to listen to issues that affect women artists today. This audio collaboration maped out through visual arts language the factors that affect women’s participation in the socio-economic field that includes inadequate gender awareness and social stereotyping. We hope to demonstrate how the role of women is simultaneously static and constantly evolving, proving how this dialogue is essential to social reproduction in our society. Integral to cultural and institutional arrangements that give working women the respect and dignity they deserve, our work will contribute to future well-being, opportunity and support of women artists and their families.

Interspersed around the talking box is the domestic altar constructed from common Thai pressed metal bowls and cups. These stacked vessels reference the stupa form as a way of replicating the form of the Thai Buddhist Stupa. The Domestic Altar is a reminder of the offerings Mother Earth provides that are a part of daily life in Thailand. They  represent the domestic rituals of cooking and eating together that connect and bind us. The ever changing living / dying aspect of the Domestic Altar was maintained as a daily ritual. One that speaks to the many domestic responsibilities women perform throughout the day.