TRANSMISSIONS // papercut, single channel video

Examining notions of time, travel and motherhood, Transmissions explores the challenges women face in conjunction with the long-lasting flexibility and strength of Eastern traditions. Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights (c. 1517) is transformed into an intricate, papercut screen to form a worldly, personal paradise. In this installation, soft thin paper is cut hollow. This process conveys a long-term unremitting labor that exemplifies lasting patience. The cut out trees, flowers, figures and cities nurture the projected video, portraying the intimacy of everyday life, and the many roles a woman must fulfill in order to reach her desires in a professional, artistic career.

The video content was generated in collaboration with women artists in both Taiwan and Thailand captures the intimate moments of life. Detailing the lives of professional artists, mothers paired with glimpses of daily the life rituals of the women around us. Captured across Thailand and Taiwan by Cat Costa and Genie Huang 黃茵琦. Cat Costa is a self-taught photographer who draws inspiration through interacting with her subjects drawing on their personal narratives to inform the nature of her work. Cat is Thai-American, her journey and struggles found between Eastern -Western culture is a theme she often explores through her body of work. Genie Huang 黃茵琦 is a Taiwanese filmmaker with a major in new media art. She is one of the members of the dou pian image time. Her style is experimental and progressive with elements of abstraction that distills emotive responses.

The film visually expresses women's  interactions with one another in women lead environments, engaging in womens-talk. This kind of talk is powerful enough for the formation of friendship, construction of identities and maintaining gender divisions. Furthermore, talk in a woman-only environment and platform for developing an art identity transcends age, ethnic and social boundaries, exploring and reviewing the many facets of changing, multiple identities.