This collaborative work between Tiffany Singh and the Auckland Print Studio aims to combine the vibrational qualities of sound and colour together in a suite of prints that correspond to the connection between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of the human body. Eastern medicine and philosophy have demonstrated for thousands of years that when the body's vortices of energy are in perfect balance a vital force is stronger resulting in better emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. Colour and sound play a critical role in healing arts.  Light and sound frequencies have the amazing ability to repair and balance our energy systems.  The lithographs embody the concept; That all forms in the universe can be represented by frequencies, with the belief that by combining the frequencies of sound and colour, the mind and body will resonate harmoniously. As all things in nature vibrate, light, colour and sound frequencies affect everything about us. To articulate this concept visually the artists used real time sound frequencies to generate different patterns. Then used the corresponding colours to print with, creating works which embody the harmonics of sound, colour and vibration believed by many eastern traditions to be a centre for the evolution of consciousness through vibrational sound, colour and light healing. Based on the premise of sound alchemy and loosely drawing on the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies and Taoist healing principles to bring equilibrium, these works have a fluid aesthetic and very much mimic the natural order of vibration in their appearance.

A series of 6 multi-layered lithographic prints were made in two main stages. To start, 12 plates were produced by placing steel-backed, photo-sensitive lithography plates upon a sound and transducer and by using a Macbook Pro and Garage Band, a synthesized flute instrument played individual notes which were converted into vibrations by the transducer, generated specific visual displacement patterns in a coating of silicon carbide granules (100-grit). Each note was stopped and the resultant pattern of opaque grit was exposed onto the plate with 9-minutes exposure to UV light--each grain of carbide becoming a printing mark. These plates were then arranged and printed in layers or and Chords and using analogous colours. Each print has a stacking of 3 to 5 pattern / layers and run through the colours of the spectrum.

The sound generated work is comprised of Waveforms generated by a Dave Smith Prophet 12 synthesiser were recorded based on their effect aurally as interesting tones, but also with the greatest mechanical effect promoting excursion of the speaker cone which in turn creates physical high frequency noise from the collisions of the material against the speaker cone and itself. With stable tuning a precise chaotic noise is produced, but rhythmic patterns also become apparent at specific tuned frequencies. Each performance of the synthesiser and subsequent modulation was played in real time while monitoring the behaviour of the speaker and material, recorded into Logic Audio to provide a way of providing dependable playback performance. The box contains all the working components of music source and amplifier so as not to distract from the sound and activity in the speaker cone.
Sound work | 2015 | a collaboration with Darin King | sound and light components on plinth with 100s and 1000s | 1250 x 500 x 450 mm

An exhibition of works was made while on the 2011 Artist in Residence at the Auckland Print Studio with the addition of a new sound based artwork. Auckland Print Studio, founded in 2008, specialises in stone and photo-plate lithography and is located in Auckland, New Zealand. APS is equipped with a 30' x 50' Charles Brand lithography press and has an assortment of stones. APS is also capable of generating and printing photopositive lithography plates. The residency helps both local and international artists to create a suite of saleable works through the specialised medium of lithography.

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