White Night is a collaboration between different institutions and the Auckland Arts Festival.  This photo essay showcases the 5 works on show for White Night 2013 and is a collaboration with Jamie-Mae Lees Photography. The featured works are;

CONVERSATIONS OF MIND - A multidimensional exhibition exploring the senses and inviting thoughtful contemplation of the nature of mind. Featuring installation art, photography, moving image, musical compositions, painting and murals by a collection of established and emerging New Zealand artists.
MAY THE RAINBOW ALWAYS TOUCH YOUR SHOULDER - A social project facilitating a space for learning, sharing and connecting to the world around us, to ignite an enthusiasm and responsibility in our younger generations for the wellbeing of the environment through the device of colour.
WIHAAN - AUCKLAND COUNCIL MICROSITES INITIATIVE - Micro Sites is a series of 12 small, temporary public art projects by 13 artists that are intriguing, subtle and surprising discoveries for people living, working and walking through Auckland’s Learning Quarter. The Learning Quarter encompasses Albert Park, The University of Auckland, AUT University and surrounding streets and neighbourhoods.
FLY ME UP TO WHERE YOU ARE - A socially engaged project identifying the hopes and dreams of Auckland's youth. This series shows the White Night workshop at Art Station and Te Waharoa the film pice by Robert George showcasing the social practice process side of the work alongside images of the 6000 flag install at Aotea Square shoot at night.
THROUGH THE VEIL I GENTLY HEAR YOU CALL - Gently Through The Veil I Heard You Call alludes to the metaphysical realm of understanding in-between the physical and spiritual world. A living space is transformed into an open-air musical instrument. Densely filled branches will tinkle with bells, ribbons and chimes, so visitors moving through the work become crucial in 'playing' the project.