wihaan strelizia grandus // MICROSITES // AUCKLAND CITY COUNCIL // 2011

Wihaan Strelizia Grandus, Wihaan the Spirit House reflects primarily upon animism, a belief system with which the entire world lived by at one time or another. She aims to unite beliefs through action and participation aligned to the ancient Asian tradition of spirit worship in order to activate a common space of respect and acknowledgment between Eastern and Western tradition.  The sculpture provides a space for other organisations to use whether it be through the arts, religious, or anthropological endeavour. Enabling the site to double as an exhibition, ceremonial or contemplation space alongside being an active public sculpture, hoping to show how we can generate more tolerance between cultures and be witness to the connections and the truths that unite us. The artwork engages the artistic community by nominating an artist for each colour change. The ancient Hindu understanding of the Chakras, which are fundamental in healing and spiritual practices. The Chakras follow the same pattern of colours as the rainbow spectrum.

RED - Tiffany Singh  ORANGE - Tessa Laird  YELLOW- Rachel Walters  GREEN - Anna Boyd  BLUE - Raewyn Turner  PURPLE - Peter Madden
Micro Sites is a series of 12 small, temporary public art projects by 13 artists that are intriguing, subtle and surprising discoveries for people living, working and walking through Auckland’s Learning Quarter. The Learning Quarter encompasses Albert Park, The University of Auckland, AUT University and surrounding streets and neighbourhoods. The Micro Sites project was conceived as an opportunity for artists to create small-scale interventions that run against the grain or interfere with everyday perceptions and experiences of a place or neighbourhood. Micro Sites is a public art initiative of Auckland City Council developed in partnership with The University of Auckland and AUT University.